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Shopway website and application provides users the privilege to in a entertaining and fun way browse, discover And Share products. Those services are provided subject to the following Terms Of Use.
This page states the Terms Of Use of Shopway under which you use Shopway websites and applications to discover and explore products.
Shopway may revise and/or make changes to these terms at any time. When we make changes to these terms we will immediately post an updated version of these terms on our websites and applications. Because of that, we advise you to periodically review the most current terms and understand them because they are binding to you.


By visiting this site and/or using the application and accepting these Terms, you represent and warrant to (“Shopway”) that you have the right, authority and capacity to read, understand, agree to and abide by these terms. You also represent and warrant to Shopway that you will only use the Shopway websites and applications in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations.


Shopway grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited licence to access and make personal use of the site and application. You agree to not download (Except application download via an application store and caching) any material from the Shopway website or application without a written consent from Shopway. This licence allows people to search, explore and discover products and to purchase these products for personal use. Users are prohibited from making any derivative use of the site, application and any of its content. Users are NOT allowed to download, copy or change any account information or listing information for the benefit of a third-party. No data-gathering, data-mining software or data-extraction tools are allowed. All content on the Shopway website and its application is property of Shopway, and no portion and/or content on Shopway websites and applications may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or exploited in any way shape or form for any commercial purposes without written consent from Shopway.
Any unauthorized will immediately terminate the licence and may result in both civil and criminal liability. Shopway has the right to at any time terminate or edit your account.

Disclaimer Or Warranties And Limitation Of Liability

Shopway websites and applications act as a venue for Users to discover, explore and Share products. Neither Shopway or its websites or applications has any control over the quality, safety or fitness of any products presented on Shopway websites or applications. Shopway neither has control over the accuracy, reliability, completeness of any products that is presented on Shopway websites and applications. Shopway leaves under no circumstances any warranties on products that are presented on the Shopway website and applications. By using Shopway website and/or application you agree and accept that Shopway will not be liable/held responsible for any damages of any kind arising from use of Shopway website and/or applications.

Links To Other Sites, Platforms Or Apps

When you upload a product to the Shopway platform, you are asked to include a product link to that product for other people to view/visit. Shopway is never responsible for any of the activities on these third-party sites. You are fully responsible for the third-party links

Commission Links

When uploading a product to the Shopway platform, you are asked to include a product link for other people to view. Here you have permission from Shopway to include your personal commission link
(affiliate commission link from example Amazon or Ebay)
Any commission you get from products with your commission link sold thanks to the Shopway platform you get to keep, Shopway is totally free to use for both users and content creators.

Rights And Restrictions To Use Shopway

You understand and agree to ONLY use Shopway and all its services for personal use, and NOT to copy, damage or hurt anything/anyone. By using, visiting or downloading the Shopway app we grant you a non-exclusive limited licence to download and use the Shopway app for personal use only and within the terms of use that you by using any of the Shopway services has agreed to

Limitation Of Liability

Shopway is not responsible for any sort of direct or indirect damage, towards a person, brands or companies that are the result of user misbehaviour. Shopway will however do everything to detect and terminate accounts that are not following the Shopway terms of use.

No Warranty/Disclaimers

All the Shopway services are provided AS IS. And we disclaim any warranties for any of the Shopway services. When using any of the Shopway services you understand and agree that it is at your own risk

Affiliate Disclosure

Shopway, its websites and application is a participant in Affiliate program, an affiliate program created and designed to provide a percentage commission to sites and applications that advertise and link to connected Affiliate program websites.

Shopway does not list/present products on its website and/or application solely for commission, we thoroughly enjoy helping users explore and discover new and interesting products.

Affiliate links do NOT affect the cost for you as a consumer in any way shape or form.

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